Sabu Recipe Contest Results

In Sabu Recipe Contest 2017, which was organised by Sabu Trade Private Limited, Salem, about more than 1000 entries arrived from different parts of India, but only 47 entries passed all rules, which were posted at for public view.

A Panel of Six Cooking-Experts gave individual marks to each valid entry on the website. The criteria for scores were the presentation, ease of cooking, novelty and taste of recipe. Total marks obtained are displayed against Each entry. List of Experts in the Panel are as follows:

Smt. Kaushalya Devi Sabu, Salem
Smt. Manorama Devi Kabra, Bauria, Kolkata
Smt. Krishna Maheshwari, New Delhi
Smt. Vaishali Sabu, Salem
Smt. Rashmi Mantri, Mumbai &
Smt. Shikha Sabu, Salem

The List of First Six Winner Contestants  is as follows:

(I) : Ms. Pratibha Malu from Nizamabad for CRISPY CONE SAGO SMOOTHIE
(II): Ms. Parnika Maheswari from Jaipur for SACHASABU FARIYALI BURGER
(II): Ms. Sangeeta from Mumbai for SABUDANA BHAGAR DHOKLA
(III): Ms. Anjali Gehlot from Indore for FALAHARI DOSA
(III): Ms. Madhuri Jaju from Salem for SAGO CANDY CHOCO &
(III): Ms. Surabhi Patodi from Indore for JACKET POTATO WITH SABU

We congratulate the winners and thank all the participants of this unique contest. All the participants who could not make it to the top six prize winning entries will be receiving consolation prize in the form of SABU PITARA. Keep following our this site and our Facebook page of SABU TRADE Private Limited and SACHASABU for more such exciting contests.



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